April 20, 2018

EU and Labour welcomes back jihadis because it would be racist not to

EU and Labour welcomes Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis. They have been granted carte blanche to return to Britain and potentially carry out atrocities against innocent civilians after an EU motion backed by Labour BANNED using border controls to stop terrorism.

Left-wing MEPs voted en masse for a raft of Brussels resolutions which will prevent Britain’s security services from implementing “any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism”.

The barmy edicts claim that trying to stop terrorists from returning home is racist and set out a series of stringent criteria dictating how extremists’ “human rights” must be pandered to.

Critics said the actions of Labour’s representatives in Brussels were “shameful” and will put British lives at risk by “opening the door” for ISIS fighters to return from Syria and carry out atrocities on our streets.

In three resolutions put before the European parliament MEPs also whined it is unfair to separate radicalised terrorists from other inmates in prisons and farcically suggest that European leaders should negotiate with ISIS to build evidence against those who may be returning from fighting for the feared terror group.
European MPs met last week to discuss the best ways to prevent the EU citizens from leaving the continent to join ISIS.

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