April 18, 2019

Emma Watson: I’ll always be ‘pigeonholded’

Emma Watson

Emma Watson will always be “pigeonholed”.

The ‘Harry Potter’ star has appeared in a wealth of different movies since taking on the role of brain box Hermione Granger in the film series in 2001 but appreciates there will be some people who will always link her back to that role.

She said: “It’s deeply irritating. Well. Hang on. Actually no. Let me retract that. I think I used to find it more irritating than I find it now. I used to put a lot more value and a lot more weight on these things but I don’t know if it’s time or experience or just having been in there long enough, but it does irritate me. Silliness is all it is.

“You have to accept that there will always be a certain portion of the media who will want to sensationalise and pigeonhole me in a certain way.”

And the 26-year-old actress doesn’t understand why her kissing somebody in a movie should be seen as “risqué or horrifying”.

She added to The Times newspaper: “I’m 26 now. I’ve been in 15 films in total and me kissing somebody else shouldn’t be risqué or horrifying, but I think that will continue for a long time.

“There have been lots of advantages to being part of that franchise, and playing that role for a long time, but inevitably there are obstacles and that’s one of them. But you just go, ach, whatever. Ultimately it doesn’t seem to be coming in the way of me getting other work.”

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