March 25, 2019

Duchess of Cambridge ‘Is a Chelsea Fan’

Duchess of Cambridge

British Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly revealed her favourite soccer team is Chelsea.

The 33-year-old royal – whose husband, Prince William, is an ardent follower of Aston Villa – apparently acknowledged her favourite team during an engagement with a children’s charity on Tuesday (15.12.15).

The Duchess bonded with one eight-year-old, named Rjay Bryan, over their support for the same club.

He explained: “We high fived because she supports Chelsea and I support Chelsea.

“I love people who support Chelsea.”

Earlier this year, Prince William admitted he thinks it’d be “fantastic” if his son follows him in supporting Aston Villa.

Asked whether he’ll try to influence the team his son supports, Prince William explained: “The responsible thing would be to say, to let [George] make his own mind up, but I think I might be quite biased.

“I haven’t quite worked out how to play that yet. Of course he can support whoever he wants, but if he supports Villa, it’d be fantastic. I’d love to go to the odd match with him in the future.

“It’ll probably end up being that [Princess] Charlotte is the Villa fan and George will go and support someone else!”

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