February 16, 2019

Drew Barrymore: ‘I’m Not Glamorous’

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore insists her life is not glamorous.

Although the 40-year-old actress has her own beauty range, Flower Beauty, she admitted that from day to day she is just an average, and often very tired, mother to her two daughters, Frankie and Olive.

She said: “I feel like a mom who’s schlepping her kids around and is tired and running from here to there. That is the difference between aspiration and sophistication. I’m not sophisticated. I have knowledge and taste that can be very sophisticated, but my lifestyle is very steeped in reality.”

And Drew loves working on her “aspirational” beauty brand because she believes that her customers are very similar to her.

She told WWD: “I think [the average Flower customer] is like me. Which sounds very insular, but I think she has good taste, she knows the difference between quality and something made haphazardly. She wants lovely things that make her feel good, but doesn’t have to shell out crazy money. It’s trying to capture moments just the way I’m trying to present a moment in marketing.

“I love the word aspiration because aspiration can still be realistic, but it’s like the better version of you and your life and it is empowering. When you feel good about yourself you project something that is far more confident and empowered and joyful then when you are scrambling and not feeling your best.”

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