March 17, 2018

Did 1,000-strong sex gang ALSO strike in Zurich? Police probe ANOTHER string of attacks

POLICE are investigating a string of sex
attacks that took place in Switzerland’s
largest city on New Year’s Eve.

Zurich police revealed six women were
allegedly robbed, groped and molested by a
“crowd of multiple men with dark coloured

The number is unusually high for the country,
which has one of the lowest crime rates in

A spokesperson for the police force added
that the attacks were “a little bit similar”
to the 120 cases of robbery and sexual abuse
that took place in the German city of Cologne
on the same night.

However the spokesperson stressed that the
scale of the alleged assaults were “difficult
to compare”.

It comes after public funded German media was
accused of covering up the wave of brutal
sexual assaults on women by a marauding gang
of up to 1,000 immigrant men in Cologne,
Hamburg and Stuttgart.

One of the first victims to speak out
Michelle, 18, was in Cologne’s main station
when the attacks broke out.

She said: “There were 11 of us together at
the time.

“At around 11pm we were at the main train
station and wanted to travel on to see the
fireworks, and that was when we first noticed
all these men standing around.

“We managed to go into the cathedral and
wanted to go past the Museum Ludwig to join
everyone and watch the fireworks by the
river, but suddenly we were surrounded by a
group of between 20 and 30 men.”

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