February 16, 2019

Deleted Scene of ‘Batman v Superman’ Features Another Villain

Darkseid is the villain of the upcoming ‘Justice League’ films, and the director’s cut of ‘Dawn of Justice’ provides a look at its general.

On the heels of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” success at the box office, Warner Bros. released a deleted scene that would become available in the director’s cut version. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor takes the spotlight in the clip titled “Communion”.

The 44-second video begins with a band of SWAT soldiers invading a Kryptonian scout ship in which a giant alien roars and begins to disappear. Lex is half-buried in a goop pool and engaged in some sort of communion with an alien. As he comes into conscience, Luthor realizes that he has been surrounded.

The demonic alien has a close resemblance to “Justice League” big baddie Darkseid’s general, Steppenwolf. The gray boxes that it holds could be the Mother Boxes, powerful tools used by the New Gods for teleportation, mind control, and weaponry.
This clip serves as some kind of introduction to Apokolips, the planet where Darkseid came from. The full scene will be included in the R-rated director’s cut of the film. Titled “Ultimate Edition”, it will feature 30 minutes of extra footage and will be released after the film’s theatrical run.

“We call it the Ultimate Cut because to me it’s a deeper dive into that world and there are storylines in there that get fleshed out by the longer version,” director Zack Snyder told Collider. “I would say that we didn’t really take out much of the Superman/Batman story because I felt like, you know that’s kind of the movie, but there was some sort of interstitial stuff that surrounds the story, that kind of finishes some of the ideas that we trimmed back, and I think that’s what you get.”

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