April 20, 2018

Deadly gun rampage in Nenzing


A gunman has opened fire at a concert, killing two people before shooting himself dead, police in the in Austrian town of Nenzing say.
Eleven other people were injured after the man opened fire at about 03:00 local time (01:00 GMT).
The man, 27, had earlier reportedly argued with a woman in a car park.
He went to his car to get the gun and appeared to shoot randomly at a crowd of about 150 at the concert, hosted by a motorcycle club.
The man then returned to the car park where he killed himself. State broadcaster ORF said the weapon appeared to be a rifle.
Some of those injured are said to be in a serious condition.
The mayor of Nenzing, Florian Kasseroler, said the concert was a regular event over the past 10 years and had always been trouble-free.
The area was reported to be only dimly lit by a few lights and camp fires at the time of the attack, and frightened concert-goers “fled into the forest in a panic” when the shooting started, he said.

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