February 22, 2019

De-clutter for the better


Joyeeta slumped down in the sofa, too exhausted to relish a proper meal at the end of a dull day at work. She rubbed her eyes, which had not enjoyed a good night’s sleep in four days. Sitting quietly on the couch, she tried to recall the last time she took a long shower, breathed in the crisp morning air, or buried herself in the pages of a paperback.

Soon Joyeeta started to feel miserable, because it had been a while since she spent some time doing things she loved. Tears began to well up in Joyeeta’s eyes – her shoulders suddenly burdened from the worldly duties that sat stubbornly on them.

Like Joyeeta, are you not often overwhelmed by the earthly responsibilities that rest heavily on your poor shoulders? Don’t you sometimes feel that your mind and body are so fatigued that they are screaming for a break, a real break? If yes, then it is high time you de-cluttered your mind for a better and healthier tomorrow.

Do not cater to everyone! When you try to make everyone happy, you end up being unhappy yourself. Set your priorities right, so that you know what should or should not be at the top of your list. Prepare a list of all of the important things that you need to accomplish and update it as the week progresses. Eliminate thoughts and ideas that are non-essential and inconsequential. Do not fret over things on the to-do list that you could not finish today; there is a tomorrow! So, relax.


Doctors recommend at least seven hours of daily sleep. Your work routine and screen time may prevent you from getting enough rest, but remember that there are high costs associated with not getting adequate sleep. Our brains function less and our bodies become drained quickly when we do not sleep enough.


Although you may think that TV-watching is a good way to relax, the truth is, the sights and sounds from TV excite the human brain instead of calming it down. To loosen up after eight hectic hours at work, listen to your favourite music or read a good book instead.


You may live in a metropolis, but so what? Bring the outdoors in. Grow a garden on your balcony with potted plants; you will not regret the initiative. Spend time with your green friends at the end of a long day.
When it rains, instead of getting busy in shutting doors and windows, run to the veranda and soak yourself in the first splatter of monsoon.

On a lazy evening, watch the sun sink in the city’s concrete skyline. On weekends, sit on a green meadow somewhere on the outskirts of the town and watch the night steal colours from the day. Watch how the moon resembling a porcelain dinner plate leans against a pitch-black night to illuminate everything under the sky!


Let go of your past. Let go of grudges and bitterness to have a happier life. The more you let go, the more your mind will free up space to think of better and pleasanter things.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with a situation in life, spend a few minutes to take some deep breaths. Breathe in with your nose; breathe out with your mouth. You can also look up toward the ceiling and slowly count 1 to 10 to calm your nerves.

Efforts to de-clutter your mind will not work until you also de-clutter your physical environment. Do not let junk make your house their permanent home. Give away or donate things that you do not need or no longer use. When we own fewer things, we also free ourselves from the worry and tension of taking care of them.

Organize files and documents before leaving your office desk. When you go back to work the following day, you will feel relaxed by just looking at your uncluttered workstation.


Spend less on yourself and give more to those who need – be it time or money. One way to de-clutter and de-stress your life is to spend time and money on people unable to make ends meet. Invest your time in volunteer work. You will not only feel good about yourself, but also distract your mind from the ordinary issues of everyday life.

Therefore, take time to de-clutter your life so that you can function well for yourself, your family and workplace. Remember that we are most productive when our minds are free from the daily stress of the money-oriented modern world.

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