April 19, 2018

David Cameron to meet Britons hit by flood chaos amid warnings of worse to come

DAVID Cameron is expected to visit stricken communities in the north of England as swamped towns and cities continue to struggle against the Christmas floods.

Military heroes were mobilised yesterday to help people in Yorkshire and Lancashire as they battled to keep rising flood waters from the doors of their homes and businesses.

But hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes after rivers in York, Leeds and Manchester burst their banks after “unprecedented” rain in recent days.

With more bad weather and heavy rain forecast for the middle of the week there may be worse to come.

Mr Cameron praised the efforts of the emergency services dealing with the “incredibly serious situation”.

The Prime Minister added: “More troops are being deployed as part of a plan to do whatever is needed.”

And he insisted investment in flood defences would continue with the prevalence of extreme weather events on the rise.

One of the worst-hit areas was York, where large swathes of the city are under water after the Foss and Ouse rivers topped their banks.

The Ouse is more than five yards above its normal summer levels and is predicted to keep rising until lunchtime today, when it is expected to reach 5.8 yards.

The barrier gate on the Foss was raised after water entered the Foss barrier building – with engineers examining how to restore power to the site.

Around 500 properties were flooded in the city on Sunday.

Troops spent the day stacking sandbags but the flooding was so bad the council ran out and begged nearby councils for help.

Hundreds were forced to leave their homes and take shelter in emergency rest shelters as residential streets were turned into muddy rivers.

News of the flooding has even reached space, where Major Tim Peake passed over the UK on Sunday in the International Space Station.

He tweeted: “Passed over UK today – thoughts are with all those affected by flooding in northern England.”

Major Peake’s tweet has received more than 4,000 retweets and 8,400 likes after being sent yesterday afternoon.

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