November 21, 2018

David Cameron says Donald Trump is HELPING extremists in latest dig at White House hopeful

DAVID Cameron has again hit out at Donald Trump, saying the
US presidential hopeful is making it more difficult to
defeat extremists.

The Prime Minister said the Republican front-runner was
making a “fundamental mistake” by blaming all Muslims for
the “actions of a minority”.

Mr Trump last month demanded a block on Muslims entering
the US – leading Mr Cameron to brand his comments
“divisive” and “stupid”.

The outspoken tycoon also claimed parts of London were “so
radicalised” police were “afraid for their own lives”.

Most Muslims “rightly see Islam as a religion of peace” and
“make an incredible contribution” to Britain, he added.

His interventions are likely to put diplomatic relations
between Britain and the US under significant strain if Mr
Trump is elected.

Earlier this week MPs spent three hours debating whether
the tycoon should be allowed into the country.

The debate was sparked after more than 570,000 people
signed a petition condemning Mr Trump’s comments on

In response to the petition, a Government spokesman said
“exclusion powers” would only be used “based on all
available evidence”.

Yesterday Tony Blair said banning Mr Trump would said it
would not be “sensible” for the UK to ban Mr Trump from
visiting the country.

The former Prime Minister said: “You can get petitions of
half a million people on virtually anything nowadays.

“However much I may disagree with what he says, I don’t
think that would be a sensible course of action to take.”

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