May 20, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo launches CR7 brand of hotels

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid star has launched a £54m project to create a range of CR7 hotels in Madeira, Lisbon and Madrid, important locations for the star, and also New York, per the Daily Mail.

Ronaldo has joined forces with Pestana Hotel Group, from Portugal, and spoke on Thursday about his plans.

“My job is to play football, but life won’t always be like this. I have to dedicate myself to this new project and I have the best team in the world around me,” he said.

“I am young but I feel very fulfilled so this project is exciting for me. I’m thinking about my future, and my son and my family.”

He was asked about what he would contribute and joked: “I’ll take care of the beds! I will have the opportunity to be present as all the projects unroll but, of course, I don’t have much time available at the present but this is all about quality. And I like to be around quality.

“I’m certain that this investment is surely one of the safest deals that I can capitalise on for my future.”

The first hotel will open in summer 2016 in Madeira, before the Lisbon one later that year and Madrid in 2017.

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