April 22, 2019

CMBBA Street Fair Raffle draw – 2016 Winner Receives Prize

On Friday Sept 23, 2016’s raffle draw, winner Mr. ABM Hassan received First place prize. He received $1000 from the CMBBA Street Fair Member secretary, Mohammad Mahab. It was previously announced and declared during the Street Fair-2016, which was held the 28th of August. The money was sponsored by Brooklyn renowned businessmen Abdul Qader Mia. During the handing over the prize, CMBBA street fair convener AH Khondoker Juglu, CMBBA General Secretary Mohammad L Ali, Treasurer Anwar Hossain, Mir Kashem among many other leaders were present during the ceremony. As we all know it was possible all due to pioneer leadership & an honest person like Mohammad Mahab who had been working for this community for more than two decades. He worked hard for the street fair-2016 and contributed all his effort and time; he communicated with the NYPD and the city officials. Executive members of CMBBA successfully completed the entire CMBBA street fair program. Mr. Mohammad Mahab also received a proclamation and a citation from The New York City Mayor De Blasio, Congresswomen Yvette D. Clarke and also from NYC comptroller Mr. Scot Stringer for Mr. Mahab’s high profile social contribution and extraordinary activity for the past years. Mr. Mahab Is currently Serving social services for autistic children including children who were diagnosed with autism.

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