April 23, 2018

Climate protest dispersed by French police firing teargas

Police have fired teargas and used pepper spray to disperse a group of anti-global warming activists who marched in Paris in defiance of a recent ban on public demonstrations, a day before the start of a key UN summit on climate change in France’s capital.

The tough response by riot police came on Sunday after a group of mostly masked protesters took to the streets to call on world leaders to take action towards curbing man-made emissions.

On Monday, more than 140 heads of state will converge in Paris to broker a deal to limit emissions.

Earlier in the day, in a bid to circumvent security measures implemented after the November 13 attacksclaimed by the ISIL that took 130 lives, thousands of shoes were placed in the city’s sprawling central plaza to represent citizens urging a climate agreement.

Organisers of the display said that the Vatican donated a pair of shoes bearing the name of Pope Francis.

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