March 20, 2018

CIA Slams ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ for False Accounts

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani calls the Michael Bay-directed movie ‘a distortion of the events and people who served’ during the attacks.

Amid the buzz surrounding “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” which was released on January 15, there’s a strong negative response from the CIA. Ryan Trapani, a spokesman for the agency, questioned the accuracy of the action movie starring John Krasinski.

“No one will mistake this movie for a documentary,” Trapani told the Washington Post. “It’s a distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night. It’s shameful that, in order to highlight the heroism of some, those responsible for the movie felt the need to denigrate the courage of other Americans who served in harm’s way.”

The officer in charge of the CIA’s Benghazi base that night the attacks took place even pointed out some of the false accounts in the film. “There never was a stand-down order,” said the chief, known as Bob. “At no time did I ever second-guess that the team would depart.”

“So much of this information has been wrong,” he explained why he agreed to finally speak out about the incident on the condition that his last name not be used. Supporting his story, congressional investigators also have concluded there was no “stand down” order.

Mitchell Zuckoff, whose book is used as source material for the Michael Bay-directed pic, defended the movie though. He said during a phone interview that he stood by the depiction and that it was based on first-hand accounts.

“I think the evidence is extremely strong that the guys’ account is far more credible” than that of the CIA chief, Zuckoff said. He told Variety, “These guys [the security contractors] are putting their lives and their reputations on the line saying, ‘We were forced to wait,and the record shows it.’ ”

Zuckoff added that he had made multiple requests through the CIA to speak with Bob to hear his side of the story during the writing of the book, but Bob refused them.

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