November 21, 2018

Christopher Nolan Remembers Working With David Bowie

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan says that it was ‘wonderful’ to have David Bowie on set for The Prestige.

Bowie returned to the big screen in 2006 as he took on the role of Nikola Tesla in magician movie The Prestige, which saw him work with filmmaker Nolan for the first time.

The director looked back at working with the iconic star, over a week after the death of Bowie was announced.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Nolan said: “The experience of having him on set was wonderful. Daunting, at first. He had a level of charisma beyond what you normally experience, and everyone really responded to it.

“I’ve never seen a crew respond to any movie star that way, no matter how big. But he was very gracious and understood the effect he had on people.

“Everyone has fond memories of getting to spend time with him or speak to him for a little bit. I only worked with him briefly – four or five days – but I did manage to sneak a couple moments to chat with him, which are very treasured memories of mine.

“Normally when you meet stars, no matter how starry they are, when you see them as people, some of that mystique goes away. But not with David Bowie. I came away from the experience being able to say I was still his biggest fan, and a fan who had the very miraculous opportunity to work with him for a moment.”

The Prestige offered just a small role for Bowie but it was a movie that saw him star alongside Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Caine. Bowie went on to appear in August, Bandslam and lent his voice to animation film Arthur and the Invisibles.

As for Nolan, we haven’t seen him in the director’s chair since the success of Interstellar back in 2014. However he looks set to return with Dunkirk, a movie that is currently in pre-production.

As well as being in the director’s chair, Nolan has penned the screenplay while Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance are a couple of names that have been linked to the project.

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