June 19, 2018

Christmas in Calais means dinner cooked by Jamie Oliver chef and 10 TONNES of presents

CALAIS migrants will spend Christmas Day eating food made by Jamie Oliver’s staff and opening 10 tonnes of donated gifts as hundreds of Britons travel to the Jungle camp for the festive season.

The 6,000 inhabitants of the camp, which sits near the entrance of the Channel Tunnel, will be treated by British volunteers keen to give up days with their families to help.

Already migrants have decorated Christmas trees in the middle of their shanty camps and been given real fur coats and leather shoes from animal welfare charity PETA.

Britons have been co-ordinating through church groups, charities and on social media to gather as many food and clothes donations as they can fit in their cars in order to drive over to France this week.

And camp dwellers will not be disappointed by the fare on offer, with a former apprentice to Jamie Oliver planning to cook for them on Christmas Eve at the camp.

Former drug dealer Jai Harrower, 24, who joined the celebrity chef’s Fifteen apprentice programme in 2011, will be whipping up a gourmet meal of vegetable soup, couscous and bread.

The Londoner, who Mr Oliver has congratulated for his efforts, said: “I didn’t have a great start in life but was rescued by cooking, and now I want to inspire hope in others.

“In Calais there are thousands of refugees. We want to feed them something warming.”

French charity Secours Populaire dropped off 10 tonnes of presents for children and adults in Calais on Monday, which include clothes, boots, painting and educational material.

Many Britons will also be bringing over toys to give to the camp’s school.

The news comes as the number of refugees and migrants entering Europe by land and sea this year officially hit the 1million mark, with many predicted to join those already living in makeshift camps in Calais and Dunkirk.

While charities are providing much of the aid in the two camps, many British people have decided to take matters into their own hands and head to the camps of their own accord.

Concerned volunteers have been using social media to link up to find the best hotels to stay in while they go to the camps in Dunkirk and Calais during the day.

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