June 21, 2018

Christmas cancelled: Teacher’s outrage as school officials TAKE DOWN festive tree

A TEACHER was left shocked after having to take down a Christmas tree in her classroom – because it “favoured one religion over another”

Catherine Gordon had decorated her classroom with a festive tree for 30 years before the building principal demanded she take it down.

Gordon said she was saddened by the school’s decision to remove the pink Hello Kitty tree.

She added: “The tree had no religious symbols on it whatsoever. No crosses or angels – just pink Hello Kitties and my students really enjoyed it and it cheered me up during the day.”

The events at Bangor High School in Maine, USA, led local politician Bruce Poliquin to call the decision “baseless”.

He added “We should be able to wish our fellow citizens Merry Christmas.

“We should be able to wish people Happy Hanukkah or to offer a holiday greeting.

“Eliminating safe decorations from classrooms, something we all grew up with, is going too far.”

Maths teacher Gordon, who was close to tears, added: “It just seems that in our quest to be tolerant of everything we’ve become intolerant of everything.

“I hope that this does open up a good dialogue.”

A spokesman for the school said: “In alignment with national and state standards, the Bangor School Department educates students about culture, traditions, and holidays through curriculum ties.”

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