April 18, 2019

Chloe Grace Moretz slams online trolls

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz has hit back at her Twitter trolls.

The ‘5th Wave’ star has slammed her online critics for making hateful comments and has called for those who are “hiding behind keyboards” to stop judging others.

She wrote on the micro blogging site: “When will people hiding behind computer screens get tired of calling someone “fat” or “masculine” – does it make you feel good typing your hateful comments ? Does it fulfill you in some dark way? … Sit back before you fire away commenting ignorant things and imagine the real HUMAN BEING you are commenting about … He or she is a PERSON, with feelings and thoughts and a life that you are affecting so negatively …

“I’ve spent my whole life in front of cameras growing up with miscellaneous people judging and critiquing every little thing about myself and it’s time we all stop hiding behind keyboards pretending we know even the smallest thing about the people we judge. (sic)”

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old actress – who is dating Brooklyn Beckham – previously opened up about her own body confidence issues, admitting she wanted a boob job when she was just 16.

She explained: “When I was 16. I wanted a boob job. I wanted the fat pad under my chin to be removed. I wanted a butt reduction, or whatever …

“I have had hair extensions. Yes, the reason I have this body is because I work out seven times a week. Yes, I eat really clean – even though I don’t always want to, and I definitely cheat. But you’re not just born with this.”

And Chloe – who struggled with cystic acne “for years” growing up – still gets “hormonal breakouts”, she thinks eating clean is the secret to a pimple-free face.

She added: “I still get my hormonal breakouts. I’ll eat pizza and the next day I will wake up with a pimple. I’m like, ‘Ah! I knew it. It really is about diet. It really helps eating clean.”

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