March 24, 2018

China Fujian landslide: 41 missing under rubble

Rescue teams are searching for workers whose dormitory was engulfed by a landslide

At least 41 construction workers are missing after a landslide buried their dormitory under rocks and mud in China, state media report.
The landslide hit early on Sunday at a site in Fujian province’s Taining county, where a hydropower project was being built, Xinhua news agency said.
The landslide is believed to have been triggered by heavy rain.
China’s president and prime minister both called for an all-out effort to save the missing men.
Officials said on Sunday evening that more than 600 rescuers were at the scene, using sniffer dogs, specialist equipment and heavy excavator vehicles.
Thirteen injured people are in hospital in a stable condition, Xinhua reported.
The agency said rainfall in the Taining region had been 35% higher than average this year. In the 24 hours before the landslide, 215.7mm of rain fell in the area around the construction site.

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