November 20, 2018

Chaos as uni officials forced to halt exams after they were found riddled with errors

STUDENTS have been left furious after officials were forced to stop their exams midway through because they were riddled with mistakes.

A politics paper had to be halted because the essay question was identical to one set in coursework leaving students “panicked”.

History student Ellie Collett slammed the error and said: “Obviously everyone who had answered [the coursework-style] question was really angry because we had written at least two pages.

“Ten minutes later, after I started panic writing another question, the invigilator told us we could do any question we liked and we got ten extra minutes.”

Students at Exeter University sitting a biology paper worth half of the module said their exam was repeatedly stopped by invigilators amid doubts over questions.

One four-option question was incorrectly listed as a five-option question.

In another options iii, iv and v were wrongly labelled options ii, iv, and iv.

An anonymous languages student sitting her exam in the same hall said: “Our exam was only one hour long so it was very troubling to be distracted, as it’s very hard to get back into the exam flow.

“Advanced translation requires an immense amount of concentration, and I feel that the disruptions, alongside the location choice – we were at the Tennis Courts and could hear gym music from next door – severely hindered this.”

The university’s biosciences education director Dr Mark Ramsdale told student newspaper Exepose the exam disruptions were due to a “typographical error”.

“Once the results of the paper are available, we will be able to assess the most appropriate action that does not impact on student performance.”

And university director of education and student experience Ian Blenkharn, insisted such issues occur “very rarely”.

He said: “The University makes every effort to ensure all exams are organised and conducted fairly, accurately and appropriately.

“Any student who wishes to raise concerns regarding an exam can discuss them directly with their College.”

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