September 26, 2018

Celebration of Diwali in 5 Different Ways

Diwali 2015

There are many ways to make different your diwali festival in an humanistic approach.

1. Donate something:
This is a noble way to celebrate this Diwali. Give something to a needful is giving you the unimaginable pleasure which foster your Diwali with full of satisfaction.
2. Visit someone:
Roster your time to visit to the local orphanages or old age home or stray animal shelter etc. you can meet the Guards of your building with frank chat and sharing some witticisms.

3. Save electricity: Known for Festival of Light, this Diwali you can decorate your home with natural diyas and traditional lamps instead of electric bulbs. This will help to reduce the electricity and also reduce the electricity bill.

4. Help and Save nature:
This year celebrate your Diwali with homemade natural equipment such as natural rangolies. Decorate your home with flowers. Beside this you can clean your neighborhood as well.

5. Rejoice with a new expression :
With a combination of numerous religions and festivals, you can use this opportunity to familiarize one culture to another. Such an act will inspire the harmony and interconnect a new principle to your upcoming generation.

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