March 23, 2019

Car bomb kills police in Turkey’s Diyarbakir

The loud explosion took place near a bus terminal in Diyarbakir [Al Jazeera]

At least six people, including four police officers, were killed and 20 wounded when a car bomb attack hit a police vehicle in Turkey’s Kurdish-dominated city of Diyarbakir in the southeast of the country, Turkish officials have said.

Security sources said the explosion took place near a busy bus terminal, injuring both police officers and civilians.

Witnesses told Al Jazeera that several ambulances rushed to the site of the explosion.

The bombing came one day before a rare visit by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to Diyarbakir on Friday.

Turkey’s southeast has been rocked by waves of violence since a ceasefire between the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the government collapsed last July.

The PKK has been fighting against the Turkish state since 1984, initially for Kurdish independence, although it now presses for greater autonomy and rights for the country’s largest ethnic minority.

The conflict has left tens of thousands dead over the years.

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