April 23, 2018

Captain America: Civil War To Have A ‘More Serious Tone’

Captain America: Civil War

Anthony Russo reveals that there is a ‘more serious tone’ to Captain America: Civil War.

Russo will return to the director’s chair with brother Joe for the third Captain America solo film, which will explore the iconic Civil War storyline of the comic books – which sees the Avengers fractured as Captain America and Iron Man go head to head.

And while this is set to the most serious of the Marvel films to date, Russo reveals that characters likes Spider-Man and Ant-Man will offer some humour in the film.

Speaking at Brazil Comic-Con (via Screen Rant) the filmmaker said: “The film definitely has a more serious tone I think than any other Marvel [Studios] movie yet. And that’s kind of natural to the process because you’re really gonna turn these heroes, who have been friends and partners, against one another. And if we’re gonna have them fight for a whole movie to the end, there has to be a serious issue because these are smart people, they’re likable people; they’re not villains, they’re good guys. And so you have to think very hard about a very complex situation that’s gonna put them in conflict with one another for an entire movie.

“At the same time, not all the characters in the movie have the same investment in the conflict. There are certain characters that come into the story a little later who don’t have the same baggage that the Avengers have in terms of what’s going on in the film.

“So they don’t have as much darkness to deal with in the film, so they can be a little lighter and more fun. I think the movie has a healthy balance between very serious, interesting and very surprising storytelling, and sort of light, fun wits and humour… characters like Spider-Man and Ant-Man enter the story a little later.”

We are going to see our favourite heroes fractured as they side with either Steve Rodgers or Tony Stark – Scarlett Johansson has already revealed that she takes on more of a mediator role this time around.

Civil War will be the first time that we will get a glimpse of Tom Holland as Spider-Man and we are also going to be introduced to Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther – both characters have solo movies in the pipeline.

Captain America: Civil War will be the first feature film for Joe and Anthony Russo since the success of The Winter Solider last year. The filmmaking siblings are set to stay with Marvel and take over the reigns of the Avengers franchise from Joss Whedon.

Captain America: Civil War is released 29th April 2016.

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