July 22, 2018

Cameron’s 10 years as Tory leader: the highs, the lows & the broken promises

The 49-year-old is currently riding high after May’s general election victory saw him take charge of the first Conservative-majority government in 18 years.
The Old Etonian, who also attended Oxford University, had once feared being solely remembered for failing to win the 2010 election against the deeply unpopular Labour premier Gordon Brown.
His first term as prime minister, at the head of the first coalition government since the Second World War, was hamstrung by his need to negotiate with the Liberal Democrats while rumours of leadership plots circled Westminster.
But, after his surprise re-election, Mr Cameron is once again viewed as the ‘golden boy’ of Conservative politics – as he had previously been in the first years after replacing Michael Howard as Tory leader on December 6, 2005.
The Prime Minister is claimed to be distantly related to both the Queen and TV reality star Kim Kardashian

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