April 22, 2018

Britain to plunge into Arctic freeze caused by TWO fet of snow fall this weekend

70mph Arctic gales and two feet of snow on the way is going to make Britain be plunged into the freezer with.

A bitter blast from the north will send thermometers plummeting by around 8C this weekend heralding a cold and stormy run up to Christmas.

With just under a month to go, some forecasters say there is a chance of snow on the big day as winter tightens its grip.

They warn a “strong and active” cold front will sweep across Scotland and the north tomorrow as the rest of Britain braces for wind and rain.

It follows a mild and week which has saw temperatures hit a relatively balmy 13.6C (56F) in parts of the country.

Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, warned to wrap up this weekend as thermometers dip to -2C (28F) in the north and close to freezing elsewhere.

He said: “A strong and active cold front is moving southeast on Friday with temperatures dropping some 8C behind it and turning a lot colder over Scotland behind the front with snow over high ground.

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