June 21, 2018

New set photos from ‘Bourne 5’ show Matt Damon in action

Matt Damon Is on the Hunt in ‘Bourne 5’ New Set Photos

The new photos from Kreuzberg set in Germany feature the 45-year-old actor in action as Jason Bourne, who appears to be on the hunt.

As production continues on “Bourne 5”, some photos from a Germany set have made their way online. The photos see Matt Damon in action as Jason Bourne.

The filming took place in Kreuzberg, with Germany veteran action actor Vinzenz Kiefer serving as a stunt double for Damon. In one of the photos, Bourne appears to be spying on someone as he throws a sharp gaze towards a particular point.

In another photo, Bourne is seen stepping out of a taxi which is parked in front of a painted building. There are also some other close-up snaps of the character which show his right eye having a scratch, possibly after a fight scene.

Plot details are still scarce, but the upcoming movie is said to revolve around Jason Bourne rediscovering his lost memory and it forces him to embark on a globetrotting journey. “[Bourne] has his memory back, but that doesn’t mean he knows everything. It’s 12 years since Jason Bourne has been on the grid,” Damon previously said. “So we have to answer the questions, ‘Where’s he been? What’s he doing? What gets him going again?’ So once we solved all that, then we had a movie.”

Julia Stiles and Alicia Vikander are also set to star alongside the franchise’s new additions Tommy Lee Jones, Riz Ahmed and Vincent Cassel. Directed by Paul Greengrass, the action movie is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on July 29, 2016. source:aceshowbiz

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