March 22, 2018

Boost for Brexit hopes as leave campaign opens up HUGE lead in EU referendum battle

HOPES of Britain leaving the EU were handed a huge boost tonight after a shock poll revealed that the out campaign has opened up an enormous lead in the run-up to the referendum.

Well over half of Britons now want to sever ties with Brussels permanently as anti-EU feeling continues to grow in the light of the Paris massacre and the ongoing migrant crisis.

A poll commissioned for the Mail on Sunday revealed that 53% of Britons now want out of the EU, compared to 47% who believe we should stay in.

That means the leave campaign has opened up a commanding 6% lead as the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the 28-nation bloc looms ever closer.

Even more astonishingly, that lead would grow to a cavernous 8% if Mayor of London Boris Johnson agreed to front the campaign to quit the EU.
The result will be a devastating blow for David Cameron, who is trying to convince voters that he can secure meaningful reforms from Brussels which will make staying in the EU more appealing.

But world events appear to have overtaken the Prime Minister with November’s shocking Paris massacre, the Cologne sex attacks and the ongoing migrant crisis plaguing mainland Europe all hardening Eurosceptic feeling across the country.

Finally the PM will reveal that he is changing British law to make it clear that parliament is sovereign, and that Britain’s courts are not bound by Europe’s controversial Charter of Fundamental Rights.

However, there was some better news for the beleaguered Prime Minister as he pulled of a coup within his own party by persuading Nick Herbert, who led the campaign to keep Britain out of the Euro 15 years ago, to lead a group of pro-Europe Tory MPs.

The group, called Conservatives for Reform in Europe, will launch today with a pledge to “give a voice to the thousands of Tory members and supporters” who want to stay in a reformed EU.

But it is expected to deepen divisions within the Tory party, with many backbench MPs and a number of Cabinet Ministers ready to openly campaign to leave the union.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Herbert warned that leaving the EU would put British jobs at risk, saying it would be a “jump into the void” at a time when the economy is still recovering from the financial crash.

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