July 20, 2018

Black Ops 3 Zombies update: See Nikolai’s Call of Duty Awakening revealed

BLACK Ops 3 Zombies mode is set for a new update that will include a new chapter and some dark forebodings.

The first of four planned DLC map packs, Awakening is set to arrives first PS4 and will include four new multiplayer maps—Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet, as well as the next chapter in the Black Ops 3 Zombies saga, Der Eisendrache.

The Iron Dragon map will be set around the Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria and will be launched first on the PlayStation 4, due to Sony’s existing DLC content deal with Activision.

A new teaser trailer was released today, which failed to provide any new information for what fans could expect from the next installment but instead set the scene for another dark outing.

Called Nikolai Memories, it features the character spattered with blood sitting around a small fire lamenting his future and fate while the dead roam the forest around him.

Zombies director, Jason Blundell also shared a few words about the next chapter, telling fans: “The team has been hard at work creating a memorable DLC season of zombies content for fans to enjoy.

The new DLC will be launching in early 2016, although no firm date has been confirmed by either developers Treyarch or Activision.
During the recent PlayStation Experience, the Treyarch team revealed some of the behind-the-scenes changes need to make Black Ops 3 Zombies work with the rest of the game in mind.

“Previously, different versions of AI Architectures existed within the engine for different gamemodes to suit the individual needs of that mode. Take the Zombies Archetype for example, which was designed such that it will work in a networked environment specifically for cooperative Zombies experience.

“Going forward, we needed an AI Architecture which will be agnostic to the game modes so that a given Archetype can be used anywhere design needs. This means we had to overhaul multiple aspects of AI Architecture.

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