April 20, 2018

Bill Clinton paints candidate Hillary as `changemaker`

Bill Clinton

Iowa: Former president Bill Clinton was back on the campaign trail in Iowa Wednesday, calling his presidential candidate wife Hillary a changemaker as her rival surged ahead in a new poll.

“There`s only one person who is a proven changemaker on hostile territory,” the ex-president told a crowd of 325 in Iowa state, which holds its caucuses Monday, with his wife in a close race for the Democratic party`s presidential nod.

Across the small town of Mason City that same evening, her rival Senator Bernie Sanders was hosting a larger rally with Hollywood star Susan Sarandon on hand.
Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic socialist, is calling for a revolution against the “billionaire class.”

The Clintons say Sanders` call for a single-payer universal health care system is unrealistic.

“I will not make perfect the enemy of good. People can`t wait,” Bill Clinton thundered on health care policy.

He said his wife`s gradual approach was best.

“Everything she has ever touched, she made something good happen,” he said. “She`s a born changemaker.”

“She is a walking, breathing change agent, the only person qualified and has the knowledge on economic and social issues, and political issues and national security issues,” Bill Clinton argued.​

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