February 22, 2019

Belgium detains two more suspects after Paris attack

Two more suspects have been caught in Belgium thinking them to be in connection with the 13 November Paris terror attacks.

One was held on Sunday at an airport in Brussels trying to leave for Morocco, prosecutors said. Another was held the same day in Brussels’ Molenbeek area.

This brings the number of people detained in Belgium to eight.

Attackers armed with automatic rifles and suicide belts killed 130 people at a number of sites in Paris. Some of the attackers had lived in Belgium.

Belgian prosecutors said a 20-year-old Frenchman, listed as Samir Z, had been stopped at Zaventem airport, north-west of Brussels, preparing to board a flight to Morocco in the early hours of Sunday.

They said he was “considered to be part of the entourage of Bilal Hadfi”.

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