July 22, 2018

Behind the Scene of Belgium not going for alliance with France

BRUSSELS — Belgian authorities may have close connection with some of the men who are believed to be behind the paris tragedy last week, a pattern that raises questions about how the suspects could slip through the fingers of law enforcement officials.

Over the past year, Belgian security forces tapped at least one bomber’s telephone and briefly detained and interviewed at least two other suspects — one for his travels to Syria and the other for his radical views, according to law enforcement officials here.

State prosecutors also had been pursuing Abdelhamid Abaaoud, an alleged ringleader of the plot, for dragging his 13-year-old brother with him to join Islamic State militants in Syria.

On Wednesday, police and soldiers raided an apartment in a Paris suburb in search of Abaaoud, and at least two of its occupants died. They included Abbaoud, French officials confirmed Thursday.

Although the attackers struck in Paris, several were living in or had traveled to a single neighborhood in Brussels.

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