November 21, 2018

Barack Obama vows to WIPE OUT Islamic State militants amid terror threats to US

BARACK Obama has urged for new war powers to be
granted in order to crush Islamic State.

Speaking in his final State of Union address,
the US President called for new “war powers
resolution” as he spoke to congress.

Mr Obama warned: “[ISIS] will learn that when
you come after Americans, the US comes after

He added: “It may take time but the US has long
memories and unlimited reach.”

The President of eight years admitted ISIS and
al-Qaeda, which was behind the September 11
attacks in 2002, represent a “direct threat” to

ISIS terrorists have threatened to destroy the
White House just a day after another video
threatened a suicide bombing in New York in the
wake of the Paris terror attacks.

A jihadi with a long beard and dressed in a
headdress and robe worn by many ISIS fighters,
warned in November: “We started with [Paris]
and we shall finish with the false White House.

“We shall render [the White House] black with
our fire, Allah willing.”

Mr Obama cited the he capture of a Libyan
militant accused in the 2012 attacks that
killed four Americans in Benghazi as evidence
of US resolve against terrorists.

But he added the US cannot try and “take over
or rebuild every country in crisis”, saying it
would be a “recipe for quagmire and American

He also said the US response to the threat of
ISIS must be more than calls “to carpet bomb

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