April 20, 2018

Australian Muslims ‘face high level of racism’

A new survey has revealed the report that shows that Muslims in Australia experience racism at three times the national average.

Some 600 Muslims were surveyed in Sydney, with 57% of respondents saying that they had experienced racism.

World events had “emboldened” people to discriminate against Muslims, the survey’s lead author said.
However, 86% of the respondents believed that relations between Australian Muslims and non-Muslims were friendly.

The survey was conducted by Western Sydney and Charles Sturt Universities, and the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy.

Western Sydney University Professor Kevin Dunn, who led the study, said: “Because of things that are happening in the world and the various representations of Muslims – and these are problematic – it means that some people unfortunately feel more emboldened to say things and do things which are prejudicial and which are hurtful towards Muslims.”

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