April 20, 2019

Australia cricket ups safety standards

Phil Hughes

Cricket authorities in Australia will make it compulsory for players to wear helmets when facing fast and medium-paced bowling in games.
The guidelines are contained in a safety review ordered after Australian batsman Phillip Hughes died.
Hughes was stuck by a bouncer during a domestic match at the Sydney Cricket Ground in November 2014.
Cricket Australia is also recommending a “concussion substitute” be allowed in domestic cricket.
Batsmen in first-class matches in Australia will need to wear helmets that adhere to the British Standard.
They will also need to wear the helmets during training, as will wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps and fielders within seven metres (yards) of the batsman on strike.
This is despite a finding from the independent review that the current design would not have saved Hughes from the injuries he suffered in November 2014.
The 25-year-old international was struck on the neck and died in hospital two days later.
But players will not be forced to wear clip-on neck guards, as the review says there is limited scientific evidence that this would prevent a similar incident.
A coronial inquest in Hughes’s death will take place in October.

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