March 26, 2019

Ashley Graham slams body shamers over weight debate

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham hasn’t “lost a pound” this year.

The 28-year-old plus-size model has hit back at body shamers who slammed her for losing weight and admitted she found people’s negative comments “tougher” to deal with than usual.

Ashley, who has penned an essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter, wrote: “I am more than my measurements. I’m not Ashley Graham just because I’m curvy.

“For the past sixteen years, my body has been picked apart, manipulated, and controlled by others who don’t understand it. But now my career has given me a platform to use my voice to make a difference.”

“I know the comments won’t all be positive. I’m a confident woman with thick skin, and as a model in the public eye, I’m conditioned to accept criticism. But last week, I admit that I had a tougher time brushing off the haters.”

“The reality is I haven’t lost a pound this year. In fact, I’m actually heavier than I was three years ago, but I accept my body as it is today. I work out not to lose weight but to maintain my good health.”

The brunette beauty – who became the first plus-size model to star in the Sports Illustrated calendar – has decided to take a stand and not lot other “dictate” how she lives because it’s her body and she can “call the shots”.

She added: “I refuse to let others dictate how I live my life and what my body should look like for their own comfort. And neither should you. Let’s worry about our own bodies. My body is MY body. I’ll call the shots.”

However, the stunning lingerie model recently said she can see that the public’s attitude towards bigger women is starting to change.

She explained: “I really do hope that the people at Miss USA are considering it and talking about it, but I think clearly they are by having me host.”

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