June 25, 2018

Anna Kendrick: Ben Affleck is normal

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick thinks Ben Affleck is “normal-sauce”.

The 31-year-old star appears in the upcoming thriller ‘The Accountant’ alongside the 44-year-old actor-and-director and while she found him very professional on set, she was relieved he wasn’t a diva when not filming.

Speaking to People magazine, Anna said: “He’s very smart and very funny and is definitely a practical actor. He comes to work to get his job done and to make the best movie possible but is still really normal-sauce off-camera.”

The movie follows Ben’s character, Christian, who is a forensic accountant for dangerous criminal organisations, and the odd puzzling nature of the script appealed to Anna.

She explained: “The idea of the world’s sexiest, most dangerous accountant is certainly the kind of delicious dichotomy that makes for a great movie. The plot is definitely like a puzzle. I was there when we filmed it and still, the second time I watched the movie I was like ‘Oh, it’s even better the second time.'”

Despite the mathematical nature of the film, Anna concedes she is no boffin in that area and had to beg her accountant mother help her understand the financial aspects of the plot.

She confessed: “Oh my god no, it’s so embarrassing,

“My mom is an accountant, so I gave her the script and was like, ‘Can you please help me understand what is happening in this movie?’ I basically managed to retain as much information as she gave to me for the duration of the filming and the second we were done it was like my brain dropped this proverbial 50 pound bag I’d been carrying around. And it was like ‘I’m never picking that up again.’ “

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