July 16, 2018

Alps murders: Fresh DNA clues to who shot dead British family

FRENCH prosecutors believe they have
uncovered dramatic new evidence in the
mystery of a British family shot dead while
on holiday in the Alps.

Forensic scientists have discovered two
unidentified traces of DNA on the al-Hilli
family’s BMW estate

They are confident the clues will help find
the killer of Saad a-Hilli, 50, his wife
Iqbal, 47, and her mother Suhaila al-Allaf,
three years ago.

Their assailant also murdered local cyclist
Sylvain Mollier, 45, but the al-Hilli
daughters Zainab, and Zeena, then seven and
four respectively, survived.

Eric Maillaud, prosecutor in Annecy, which
covers the scene of the attack, said one DNA
trace was on the car’s bumper, the other
under the driver’s floor mat.

Neither trace matches any of the family or
any person on the European criminal base.

M. Maillaud added: “We never give up. We
remain confident.”

He said investigators have also launched an
international search for the last recorded
owners of 56,000 guns identical to the Luger
pistol used in the killings.

“It’s a colossal task but necessary. When you
kill, you always end up talking to someone
about it.”

The al-Hillis, from Claygate, Surrey, were
killed in September 2012 near the village of
Chevaline above Lake Annecy.

Zainab escaped with head and shoulder
injuries while Zeena was unhurt after hiding
beneath her mother’s legs.

Among theories investigated was one that Mr
al-Hilli quarreled with his brother over an
inheritance, industrial espionage and a lone

Conspiracy theories on the Internet have also
involved the SAS, the CIA, Israeli
intelligence and Iraqi agents.

The number of gendarmerie detectives on the
inquiry has been cut from 80 to about 20, but
the examining magistrates have refused to
close the case.

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