June 24, 2018

Alice Eve’s Plane Terror

Alice Eve

Alice Eve was left terrified after her plane plunged 2,000 ft.

The ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ actress was flying from London to South Africa when her flight was hit by severe turbulence, leaving her shaken but unhurt.

Alice, 34, told the Daily Mail: “The flight dropped 2,000 ft – the pilot said it was the worst turbulence he had seen in his 35 years in the sky.

“There was a lot of screaming and a few people were hurt.”

Meanwhile, Alice – who is married to her childhood sweetheart Alex Cowper-Smith – recently admitted she’s experienced sexism in Hollywood throughout her career.

She said: “I’ve certainly experienced things that made me feel uncomfortable. In life, too. Being a woman, you have to know boundaries and it’s good that we’re talking about it so that everybody knows the rules.”

And she also hit out at the movie industry’s gender pay gap, calling it “mind-boggling”.

She said: “I think we’ve come a long away – the fact that the conversation is now so alive and so topical is fantastic.

“At the same time we’ve still got a long way to go – women still on the whole get paid 17 percent less than men and that’s across the board, nurses included, which is kind of mind-boggling. And there are lots of areas where it would be great if we were awarded equally.”

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