September 21, 2018

Adele Surprises Group of Adele Impersonators


The Grammy Award winner surprises her impersonators by putting prosthetic nose and disguising herself as an Adele impersonator who works as a nanny.

Adele surprised a number of her impersonators by disguising herself as an Adele impersonator named Jenny. The Grammy Award winner was almost unrecognizable in her makeup to the point that BBC’s Graham Norton said, “You look so not like yourself.”

Of her look as Jenny, Adele explained, “I’ve got fake chin, fake nose, and she’s drawn my lips smaller.” For the prank, the “Hello” hitmaker promised that she would stay calm and slow because she worked as a nanny. “Nanny is very slow, very calm and trying to make her words make sense,” she said of a stereotypical nanny.

The British singer then joined her impersonators. She even chatted with some of them without being recognized as Adele. The singer also hilariously commented on her impersonators’ performances onstage. At one point, one of the girls said of her preparation, “I’ve been doing this for about 6 months.” Adele then asked another girl, “How about you?” The girl said, “Five days. You?” The singer looked surprised and said, “Four [days].”

As her turn to perform onstage was approaching, Adele told one of the girls that she was nervous and quite dizzy. She even took a deep breathe. “I’m not feeling great,” she told crew member. Later on, during her turn onstage, she kept looking down to the point that she missed the tune. She then asked the staff to give her one more chance. One of the girls watching her from the audience seat commented, “She was really nervous apparently.”

Once Adele started performing “Make You Feel My Love”, one of her impersonators looked surprised. The girl said, “You’re joking me?” The girls were in mixed feelings whether or not the girl onstage was the real Adele. One of them realized that Adele got prosthetic nose. They then sang along with the 27-year-old singer. After Adele finished her performance, Graham came to the stage and said, “Adeles, meet your Adele!”

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