July 21, 2018

Adele: Social Media Isn’t Real


Adele doesn’t consider social media to be “real”.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has revealed she consciously disengaged herself from social networks while she was writing her latest album ’25’, claiming it kept her free from distractions during the creative process.

She shared: “Privacy is key to being able to write a real record, whether people like it or not.

“My life has changed so much, but I’ve made the realest record I can make, and it’s the real part of me. How am I supposed to write a real record if I’m waiting for half a million likes on a f***ing photo? That ain’t real.”

Adele also claimed some artists are overexposed and are therefore, diluting the impact of their music.

She told Time magazine: “I’m not throwing shade at anybody, but when you have a six-month build up, don’t expect me to be there the day your album comes out, because I’m bored.

“It doesn’t matter how amazing it is. You put seven songs out. I’ve heard the album. I’ve heard everything you want to say about it. I’ve heard it all over radio. Don’t expect me to not lose interest before it’s even happened.”

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