July 20, 2018

Adele Dedicates Song for Brussels During Concert After Terrorist Attacks


The singer asks fans to sing along with her and light up the venue with their cell phones as she performs ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

Adele wanted to make Brussels feel her love following a series of terrorist attacks in the capital city of Belgium. During her concert at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday night, March 22, the singer paid a touching tribute to the victims of the incident with a performance of “Make You Feel My Love” from her 2008 album, “19”.

“This is ‘Make You Feel My Love’, and this is for Brussels tonight,” Adele told the crowd when introducing the ballad. She asked everyone in attendance to sing it with her “so they hear us,” and light up the venue with their cell phones.

Following the performance, Adele said, “I don’t think I’ve ever actually been so moved before in my life at one of my shows. That was just so beautiful. Thank you very much for doing that. I really, really appreciate it. It’s such a beautiful song. I think they heard us.

“More than 30 people were reportedly killed by a series of coordinated attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning, March 22. The attacks, which included two explosions at the city’s international airport and one at a metro station, also injured hundreds of people. In the wake of the incident, a number of Hollywood’s big names have shown support for the city and sent prayers for the victims on social media.

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