April 21, 2018

A former soldier risked five years in jail to rescue four-year-old from Calais Jungle camp

A FORMER soldier who risked five years in jail trying to rescue a four-year-old girl from the Jungle camp in Calais has provided a caravan for her to live in.

Father-of-four Rob Lawrie, 49, of Leeds, narrowly escaped jail in Boulogne last week for trying to smuggle Bahar Ahmadi into Britain.

He was given a suspended £755 fine after telling the court he acted “stupidly and irrationally” because he felt so sorry for the child.

Today he is still working tirelessly to help the stricken family.

Mr Lawrie, who was asked by the girl’s father Reza to take her to relatives in England, said: “A lady in Scotland kindly donated the caravan and I spent about £500 getting it to the camp. It will make a big difference because they have been living in a freezing tent.”

Their makeshift shelter was made of bits of wood and plastic sheeting. Bahar’s grandmother, uncle and cousin live in Leeds and her mother is still in Afghanistan looking after her 18-month old brother.

Mr Lawrie said: “She is as bright as a button and deserves a proper start in life. All I am trying to do is bring the family together and help other families.

“The plight of these people is absolutely terrible. You can’t just turn your back on this situation and pretend it isn’t happening.”

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