April 20, 2018

636,000 migrants in UK in last one year

636,000 immigrants have arrived in the UK in the last 12 months as experts predict the new bigger Britain will include 20 MILLION more cars and entire NEW TOWNS built to house the boom.

The UK’s beloved countryside is facing devastation with almost unimaginable amounts of infrastructure needed to cope with a dramatic rise in the number of people calling Britain their home, researchers warn.

The Office of National Statistics said the UK will face an influx of at least 10 MILLION people by 2039, with around two-thirds of that figure coming from migration.

New Home Office figures have also revealed that in the last 12 months alone, there were 636,000 new arrivals into the UK and the net migration figure of 336,000 is the biggest yet.

The increase is equivalent to an extra 920 people arriving in the UK every day. The statistics also reveal how 50,000 migrants flocked to the UK from Bulgaria and Romania alone.

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