April 19, 2018

16 arrested on Belgian police raid; Paris gunman still on run

After getting feared of Paris-style terror attack in Brussels, 16 terror have been arrested as BELGIAN police started raiding in Brussels.

But Salah Abdeslam – believed to be the crazed gunman behind last Friday’s massacre in the French capital – is still on the run.

The 26-year-old was let go by police after being stopped at the Belgium border just the hours after the attacks.

Abdeslam – the world’s most wanted man – is reportedly wearing a wig and glasses to avoid being detected.

A total of 19 houses were searched in central Brussels – plus three in Charleroi, a city in the south of the capital.

Police fired on a vehicle in Molenbeek but it is not clear if those inside were connected to those being sought.

Prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said: “We can stress that no weapons or explosives were found. Abdeslam Salah was not found during the raids.

“Sixteen people were detained. The judge will decide tomorrow whether they will be held further.”

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