May 21, 2018

1.5 million illegal people in EU countries this year

1.5 million people have entered in EU countries illegally in this year. The unprecedented migrant crisis gripping Europe has been laid bare as it emerges 1.5 million people have entered European Union (EU) countries illegally this year.

The staggering figure was revealed by European Council President Donald Tusk, as leaders from across the continent desperately tried to thrash out a way of stemming the flow of refugees into Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants – many fleeing war and persecution from North Africa and the Middle East – have poured into the continent this year, creating the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Speaking today at a EU-Turkey summit, Mr Tusk spoke of his hopes of finally finding a way to ease the chaotic migrant situation.

Leaders of the EU today signed an agreement with Turkey offering cash, visas and closer ties in exchange for Turkish help in reducing the numbers of refugees entering the continent.

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